Fallout Shelter

lush green shrubs with small rabbit statue in front of hidden bomb shelter doorCatch some sunshine on the Hidden Garden Patio, built on top of a fallout shelter installed by owner Eugene Smith (brother of Katherine Smith Reynolds) back in the 1940’s.  Fallout shelters are few and far between in this area and represent a fascinating step back into history. 

Fallout shelters originated in the Cold War era, when Americans feared nuclear war and sought protection gamma ray radiation.  Home shelters were constructed with concrete ceiling and walls at least 12 inches thick covered with up to 4 feet packed dirt. Ventilation was provided by a hand-crank attached to a filtering mechanism on the surface of the structure. (as is ours)  Many were built from DIY kits for $150-$200 at the time. Exactly HOW much protection they provided is questionable.

Take a peek at the inside of the shelter after you catch some sunshine!

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